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This is  Linn Products' Open Source Software site.

Linn has 35 years of experience designing and manufacturing products that meet Linn's vision of Music for Life. The marriage of digital music, open protocols and open software bring a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with those that share our passion and enthusiasm for music.

Open source software enables Linn to collaborate with developers to build innovative and bespoke solutions to experience and explore Music for Life.

Openness provides the following benefits for customers,

  • The use of open audio formats prevents format lock-in, freeing the customer to access their music in perpetuity
  • The use of open interfaces prevents customer lock-in, freeing the customer to choose best-in-breed products from many vendors based on merit

Openness means music is the centre of your home, rather than a product.

Kinsky - Music at your finger tips

Kinsky is an open source UPnP control point.

  • Queue music from your Media Servers to any Media Renderer in your home
  • Supports UPnP AV V1.0 Media Servers
  • Supports UPnP AV V1.0 Media Renderers
  • Supports Linn DS products ( Klimax DS,  Akurate DS,  Sneaky Music DS)
  • Browse your home room by room
    • Supports Sonos  ZonePlayers and  ZoneBridges by setting their Zone
    • Supports UPnP AV V1.0 Media Renderers by setting their "Friendly Name"
  • Standard transport controls (Play, Pause, Stop, Skip Forward, Skip Back)
  • Standard preamp controls (Volume, Mute, Linn Source Selection)
  • Fully skinnable
  • Playlist control
  • Runs on Linux, Windows XP, Mac OS X (using Mono or .NET 2.0)
  • Written in C#
  • Licensed under the terms of the New BSD License

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Kodegen - Generate code with Kodegen

Kodegen is a general purpose code generation system written in C#.

Leia DS

 Leid DS is a DS control point for the N800 and N810.

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