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Turnkey Goals

Two Main Goals

1. Turnkey Setup and Control: Positive Out-Of-Box Experience

Ease the setup and control of Linn DS product(s) for any non-Windows.Net customers (and potentially Windows customers as well). The DS is made to play music. The setup and control can be onerous, problematic, and frustrating. Turnkey setup would provide a lightweight and convenient solution. The goal would be to have an out-of-box experience that starts off with music. Then additional customizations could take advantage of platform specific solutions (e.g., Windows.Net or iPhone based software solutions).

Immediate Gratification for new customers would be key here.

2. Ease of Programming

Provide a genuine Open Platform programming solution for the DS family in the hopes of realizing the full potential of the Open Source philosophy Linn has adopted. Open Source predicates itself on open access. Any vendor specific platform (e.g., Windows.Net) tends to fly in the face of that Open Source principle. A principal Turnkey Project goal is to find a robust work around or work through for the Windows.Net mote of the Linn DS. By bringing the DS to the Open Source programming model, Turnkey Project intends to create full access to the DS programming model and foster as much Open Source interest in the DS as possible. A healthy Open Source community should lead to more options for customers, and more interesting projects for Open Source programmers of the DS.


Bridge the Windows.Net Gap

One big goal of TurnkeyStart is to bridge the gap that Linn introduces with their Windows.Net mote around the DS family. Open Source (as well as commercial) solutions would be radically simplified and easier to come by with a simple ReSTful web access to the Linn DS. In other words, Windows.Net presents a high threshold of entry just to communicate with the DS productively. A lightweight open platform solution could make DS access relatively trivial, and open the door to many more parties with far less effort.

Then we could see the true benefits of Open Source for DS with ready access to a wide variety of custom, niche, and even personal Librarian Controllers (a la iTunes media library + controller). And innovations in Librarian Controllers could find their way to Linn DS family support much more easily with an open web platform.

Simplified Programming Model

Bypassing Windows.Net should simplify the programming model to access and control the DS, and provide a wide range of alternative approaches to handling the media Library+Controller application.

Increased Robustness

A simpler programming model and system leads to increased robustness, less complicated networking and software configuration (with luck and perhaps a bit of cooperation from Linn).

More Options

Easier programming leads to more interest among commercial and Open Source outfits, leading to more choices, variety, and options for customers.

Faster Support for New Devices

Ease of programming should accelerate and ease support for new devices.

Fully Open the Doors to Open Platform/Open? Source Programming for the Linn DS

Without genuine Open Platform support, the Linn DS Open Source effort is self-limited if not hobbled. The Turnkey Project seeks to remove that limit.

Foster a Variety Universal Turnkey Solutions for the Rest of Us

The Linn DS out-of-box experience can be harrowing if you're not a Windows.Net user. This effort seeks to minimize the hurdles to running a DS product on a non-Windows.Net platform.

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