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Turnkey Goals

One big goal of TurnkeyStart is to bridge the gap that Linn introduces with their Windows.Net mote around the DS family, so that Open Source (as well as commercial) solutions are radically simplified and easier to come by. Windows.Net presents a high threshold of entry just to communicate with the DS productively. A lightweight open platform solution could make DS access relatively trivial, and open the door to many more parties with far less effort. Then we could see the true benefits of Open Source for DS with ready access to a wide variety of custom, niche, and even personal Librarian Controllers (a la iTunes media library + controller) for the Linn DS family and a fairly easy access way to create new ones (e.g., for any new web-savvy platform). Projects on this page should benefit from closing the programming gap to the DS in ease of programming. DS customers should benefit from increased robustness and options.