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Known Issues

Songcaster shows an error message "You cannot open Linn Songcaster Preferences because it does not work on an Intel based Mac"

This slightly misleading error message is displayed because you have a Mac with a 32-bit Intel processor. Songcaster currently only works on 64-bit Macs running Snow Leopard and Lion.

The status of my Linn DS is displayed incorrectly in the Songcaster preferences window

This is a known problem with UPnP event subscriptions between Songcaster and the DS. Until the issue is fixed, you can resolve this by power cycling your DS.

My system experiences audio dropouts when using Songcaster

On some wireless networks, delivery of the audio data to the DS is not as timely as it needs to be. In this case, the "Latency" parameter in the advanced tab of the Songcaster preferences can be increased to compensate for this.