SkweezyDs Internet Radio

SkweezyDs uses SqueezeCenter's output MP3 stream to supply audio to the DS. Hence it can support ANY internet radio station which SqueezeCenter can output as MP3, including those which are not natively supported by the DS.

What can be supported on any given setup depends on the transcoding setup within the SqueezeCenter installation.

Natively Supported Stations

  • Shoutcast
  • radioio
  • http/mp3 stations configured in M3U playlist files
  • All other http/mp3 streams

Transcoded stations

Anything which can be transcoded to MP3 on the system. This can be found out by checking the Settings->Advanced->File Types setup page. Extra transcoders can be installed and configured following information from SqueezeCenter  wiki and  forums

I have successfully listened to mms/wma streams using both Windows and Linux, although responsiveness on Linux was impaired

Known issues

  • Audio is slow to start up. In many cases it can take 10 seconds or more to connect to and buffer a radio stream before playback commences.
  • Transcoded streams can cause SqueezeCenter to become unresponsive. Transcoding in general is a processor intensive process, and many transcodes involve 2 transcoding processes (eg. WMA->WAV followed by WAV-MP3). This loading can reduce the responsiveness of SqueezeCenter, especially on lower powered servers.
  • After selecting station, no audio occurs. This occurs due to a variety of mechanisms
    • Failure to connect to radio stream, or stream not broadcasting. Solution is to select another stream
    • Transcoder fails. This will prevent any further audio until after a local file is selected for playback
    • DS locks up. Due to known bug in Bute code where DS locks up on loss of stream. Only solution is to power cycle DS. This should be fixed in upcoming Cara release.