Downloads for SkweezyDs plugin for SqueezeCenter

Release Process

  • Update version number
    • line 35
    • Install.xml
    • Repo.xml
  • Create zip file with contents of SkweezyDs directory at top level
  • Calculate SHA checksum and update Repo.xml

Change Log (Davaar)

Releases suitable for Davaar versions of DS code

4.1.2 (Davaar)

  • Fix playlist delete command

4.1.1 (Davaar)

  • Support for Davaar family DS code
  • Fix bug preventing devices with brackets in name from working
  • Removal of (partially implemented) source selection capability

Change Log (Cara)

Releases suitable for Cara versions of DS code

3.2.1 (Cara)

  • Add source selection feature
  • Add seek-within-track feature
  • Fix bug whereby crashes if SC sends playlist-add command before 'pair' is fully setup
  • Add patch for multiple simultaneous connections in the audio server
  • Always resync on first track in playlist - needed due to metadata pre-fetch in latest Cara code
  • Partial-GET implementation now handles non-zero start location

3.1.1 (Cara)

  • First full (non-beta) release
  • Change revision numbering scheme
  • Bug fix - adding to empty playlist in shuffle mode caused tracks out-of-sync

0.35 (Cara)

  • Fix bug whereby playback restarted after end-of-playlists when repeat mode off
  • Prevent deadlock on LPEC errors outwith requester loops. This means players with volume enabled, but which do not support volume, will proceed and just ignore volume control requests
  • Fix bug whereby any tag containing unclosed bracket caused squeezy to stop working

0.34 (Cara)

  • Fix bug whereby entering standby whilst playing immediately came back out of standby
  • Fix uninitialised variable in playlist add routine which caused messed up playlists after DS power cycled
  • Add user option to set audio server block size

0.33 (Cara)

  • Improve startup sync
    • ignore all commands (except standby) when in SB in standby
    • out-of-standby from SB causes pairing resync
    • at startup ONLY sync standby > then if SB not in stndby rest resyncs (prevents DS getting forced out-of-standby by callbacks caused by resync after its put into standby)
  • When volume commands are disabled do NOT send volume commands on pair sync
  • Resync pairings on SB coming online when it has never been detected as offline

0.32 (Cara)

  • Increase audio transfer block size to 8k (from 2k)

0.31 (Cara)

  • Fix metadata 'duration' value for internet radio
  • Avoid buffering lockups when switching between internet radio stations
  • Add support for load/add from folder view using Jive controller

0.30 (Cara)

  • First Cara release - some issues with internet radio

Change Log (Bute)

Releases suitable for Bute versions of DS code

0.26 (Bute)

  • Increase audio transfer block size to 8k (from 2k)

0.25 (Bute)

  • Fix handling of double-byte chars in metadata

0.24 (Bute)

  • Add 'Bute' indicator to strings
  • Fix issue with invalid clients in Audioserver on ReadyNAS

0.23 (Bute)

  • Add internet radio support
  • Remove dependency on allowedHosts system pref
  • Fix audio serving paths on Windows where SCs files are mapped using \\<server>\ notation
  • Stop DS playback on SC shutdown (avoid 806 errors)

0.22 (Bute)

  • Fix issue where Mac (and some Linux) installations had no audio
  • Disable SSDP if port locked by another application

0.21 (Bute)

  • Handle failed port allocations better with error messages rather than lockup

0.20 (Bute)

  • Initial release