Please note that this software is no longer supported

SkweezyDs plugin for SqueezeCenter

SqueezeCenter control and media serving for your DS

SkweezyDs is a plugin for Logitech's  Squeezebox Server application which enables this to be used to control and serve media to any Linn DS product.

This links a physical  Squeezebox device (or  SqueezePlay emulator) to a Linn DS player, enabling the DS player to mimic the operation of the linked Squeezebox.


  • Squeezebox Server serves media to DS (eliminating requirement for UPnP Media Server)
  • DS controlled using any Squeezebox controller
  • Full control and playback of local audio files at full resolution
  • Gapless playback
  •  MusicIP integration
  • Internet Radio (more info)
  • Volume control (internal and linked Linn preamp)
  • Source selection (internal and linked Linn preamps)

Not currently supported

  • Streaming services (SqueezeNetwork, LastFM, Raphsody etc)

Installation and Configuration

  • Full instructions are given here


Control the configured Squeezebox by any of the usual methods and the DS should mimic the Squeezebox operation. The following controllers are know to operate:

  • IR handset with Squeezebox 1/2/3/Classic and Transporter
  • Duet controller (with Duet receiver / any Squeezebox / SqueezePlay)
  • Web interface (with Duet receiver / any Squeezebox / SqueezePlay)
  • iPod touch / iPhone using  iPeng software
  • SqueezePlay screen interface

Feedback / Support

Please submit any feedback or support queries on the  Linn Forums

If reporting bugs, please change the logging level for plugin.skweezyds to DEBUG and include the last portion of the server logfile with your report


Licensed under the terms of the New BSD License. See license.txt file supplied with the plugin

Earlier Python Versions

The original SkweezyDs was developed as a standalone application in Python. This code is now unsupported, but the downloads, change logs and installation instructions are still available here

Please NOTE

SkweezyDs has been developed as a hobby project in my own time. It is NOT currently an official Linn developed project (although I am a Linn employee). As such any further development and support will be on an ad-hoc basis by myself when time and circumstances permit.