Downloads for SkrobbleDs Last FM Scrobbler for LinnDS Players

Release Process

  • Update version number
    • line 16
    • Commit code
  • Build Windows executable
    • Using Python2.5 on XP (to avoid py2Exe issues with later pythons)
    • Delete dist and build directories
    • Execute python py2exe
  • Build Windows installer
    • Open NSIS compiler
    • Drag Installer.nsi into compiler
    • Rename SkrobbleDsInst.exe with version number
  • Create zip file (for Linux and Mac)
    • Copy SkrobbleDs directory
    • Remove unnecessary files
      • subversion files
      • pyc files
      • eclipse files
    • Add remainder to zip
    • Rename zip to include version number
  • Upload SkrobbleDsInst and SkrobbleDs zip file
  • Update links on main page of wiki

Change Log (Cara & Davaar)

Releases suitable for Cara and Davaar versions of DS code

0.15 (Beta)

  • Add suport for Davaar 50 onwards

0.14 (Beta)

  • Ensure shuts down when requested
  • Correctly handles players which have left network without sending BYEBYEs
  • Addition of QPKG

0.13 (Beta)

  • Fix bug causing crash when handling non-ascii characters
  • Fix bug when metadata contains multiple artist tags

0.12 (Beta)

  • Fix bug whereby powering down DS could cause scrobbling to stop working

0.11 (Beta)

  • Add scrobbling of album and track number
  • Cache and re-send failed scrobbles
  • Recovers after network failure between player and application
  • Ignore invalid metadata

0.10 (Beta)

  • Initial release