SkrobbleDs - a Last FM scrobbler for DS players

SkrobbleDs scrobbles tracks listened to on any DS player to Last FM

  • Supports DS players with Cara-6 and more recent firmware (including Davaar)
  • Individual DS players can scrobble to different Last FM accounts
  • Uses the more secure Version2 Last FM interface
  • Runs on any machine on the network
  • Windows installer for XP / Vista / Win7 / Home Server
  • Python source for Linux and Mac OS/X
  • Suggested machine for SkrobbleDs is the NAS or Music Server, but any machine which is powered on whilst music is being played will suffice

Please NOTE

SkrobbleDs has been developed as a hobby project in my own time. It is NOT an official Linn developed project (although I am a Linn employee). As such any further development and support will be on an ad-hoc basis by myself when time and circumstances permit.


Most recent versions

All versions

  • All released versions of SkrobbleDs are available here



  • Run the supplied installer
  • If using a WHS machine, do this using Remote Desktop Connection from another machine
  • This adds a shortcut to start SkrobbleDs automatically when machine is started
  • Ensure SkrobbleDs is added to firewall exceptions

Linux / Mac

  • Ensure Python at version 2.5 or newer is installed
    • Open terminal window
    • Type python
    • The version of python will be reported
  • Extract supplied zip file to a suitable location
  • Add startup script if auto-start is required
  • Ensure python is added to firewall exceptions


Configuration is performed using a web interface which can be accessed at port 9099 on the machine running SkrobbleDs

  • http://<machine>:9099 where machine is
    • IP address of computer
    • Name of computer

Add Last FM Account

  • Click the Add Account button
  • This will redirect you to Last FM to register SkrobbleDs with your Last FM account
  • Once registered, the account should show in the Available Last FM Accounts list

Add scrobbling to DS Player

  • Ensure DS player to scrobble is switched on
  • Use the drop-down lists to pair DS player with registered Last FM account
  • Click the Add Scrobbling button
  • Scrobbling should now occur from the enabled DS

Network Configuration

If your machine has more than one network adapter (or is running a recent Debian-based Linux), then you may have to select the correct network adapter to use

  • Enter the IP address of the adapter and press Update button
  • Enter '' to use all adapters (this may cause 'double-scrobbles' if both adapters are on the same network (such as a wired and wireless connection to the same network)
  • Delete the entry and leave it blank to use the default adapter


  • Press the Exit SkrobbleDs button to shutdown SkrobbleDs


If scrobbling does not occur it is most likely due to one (or more) of the following issues

  • Firewall is blocking access to the DS players
    • Temporarily disable firewall to check if this is the issue
  • Misconfigured network adapter
    • Specify IP address in Network Interface to isolate the problem

Feedback / Support

Please submit any feedback or support queries on the  Linn Forums