KinskyPronto User Guide

The installed application has 3 pages which can be selected using the Page+/- keys

  • Now Playing: information about currently playing track
  • Playlist: display and edit currently loaded playlist
  • Library: browse media library / add tracks to playlist


KinskyPronto is operated entirely using the hard keys on the Pronto.

On All pages the following keys operate as controls

  • Vol +/-: control volume
  • Mute: toggle mute on/off
  • Home: return to Pronto home page
  • Soft #1: select previous track
  • Soft #2: select next track
  • Soft #3: Play/Pause? current track
  • Soft #4: toggle repeat playlist mode
  • Soft #5: toggle shuffle playlist mode

Playlist and Library pages add

  • Scroll wheel: line up/down in list
  • Ch +/-: line up/down in list
  • Nav up/down: page up/down in list

Playlist page add

  • OK: play selected track
  • Menu: toggle softkeys to add
    • Soft #1: delete playlist
    • Soft #2: delete selected track
    • Soft #3: jump list view to current playing track

Library page add

  • OK: action selection
  • Nav left/right: navigate levels in library tree


Sleep Mode

In order to maintain communications between Pronto and DS, it is suggested that sleep mode on Pronto is disabled. This is done by pressing and holding the settings icon (top left) on the screen for about 5 seconds to enter Pronto settings page. Then select Screen and increment Turn off screen after until it reads On

Library Layout

Due to memory limitations in the Pronto devices only the first 250 items in any lists are displayed. Hence the media library should be configured to ensure that any returned lists are smaller than this size. This can be done by splitting larger lists alphabetically:

  • Asset UPnP: [A to Z] split available at all levels
  • Twonky 4.4.x: Set ABC column to a value (Music Tree configuration page)
  • Twonky 5.x: No user configuration - already split alphabetically