KinskyPronto Integration

Basically how to configure the different pronto setups where KinskyPronto may be used

Some examples with pictures may help (I can do something here).....

This describes how to integrate KinskyPronto with other Pronto applications to enable Pronto installer to configure required Pronto activities including those using KinskyPronto

  • Third party
    • IR or RS232 control
    • includes legacy (non-proxied) linn preamps

DS Playlist/Radio? playback using internal preamp control

  • Include proxied preamp here

DS Playlist/Radio? playback using 3rd party preamp control

  • Integrate 3rd party source select in startup macro
  • Integrate 3rd party volume control into DS prontoscript control

Non-controllable device using DS-I preamp (eg. LP12)

  • SOurce select on DS-I as part of activity startup
  • Standalone DS-I volume control

Third party controllable device using DS-I preamp

  • Source select on DS-I as part of activity startup
  • Integration of DS-I volume control into 3rd party app