KinskyPronto Installation

KinskyPronto is available as

  • Standalone Pronto project with example splash screen and home page (.xcf file)
  • Pronto module which can be added to an existing Pronto project (.xgf file)

Using either requires use of ProntoEdit Professional 2 software package to configure the application before downloading it to the Pronto device itself


  • Download .xcf or .xgf file here
  • Open project in ProntoEdit Professional 2
  • Configure network parameters
  • Configure Linn DS parameters
    • These parameters can all be found using LinnConfig
    • Preamp IP address should match DS IP address
    • Media Server parameters are shown under Control Key in Version tab of LinnConfig - URL MUST have leading '/'
    • Leave Preamp Source ID and Source Is DS at defaults
    • Debug IP address is for developer use


  • The splash-screen and home page provided in the .xcf file are examples only. These should be replaced with splash-screen and home page customised to user's setup