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There will be no further development of KinskyPronto as Philips have discontinued the Pronto controllers

Kinsky Pronto provides modules and libraries which integrate Linn DS devices into  Philips Pronto controlled systems


  • Linn DS Playlist: Provides library browsing, playlist, playback and volume controls
  • Linn DS Radio: Provides preset selection, playback and volume controls
  • Linn Preamp: Provides source selection, volume and lipsync controls


  • Linn Control: Integrates Linn preamp functions into 3rd party modules (source selection, volume and lipsync)

Supported Devices

  • Pronto
    • TSU9400
    • TSU9600
    • TSU9800
  • Linn DS
    • All models
    • Any Cara software revision (3.x.x)


  • User's, Integrator's and Developers guides available here