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    11= Using Philips Pronto with Linn DS = 
     2== Introduction == 
     3This explains how to configure and use the development Pronto code with a Philips Pronto TSU9600 device 
     5== Pre-requisites == 
     6 * Philips Pronto TSU9600 
     7 * !ProntoEdit Professional 2.0 installed on a (Windows) PC 
     8 * USB connection between PC and Pronto 
     10==== Installation hints ==== 
     11 * Install !ProntoEdit on PC 
     12 * Connect Pronto to USB 
     13 * Wait for Windows to auto-detect Pronto device and configure it 
     14 * Reboot the PC - !ProntoEdit will NOT connect to Pronto until after a reboot 
     16== Getting the Pronto Scripts == 
     18The !ProntoScripts require to be checked out from to ''C:\!ProgramData\!ProntoEdit\!ProntoScripts''. Note that !ProntoEdit expects the scripts to be in this location, and cannot use another location. 
     20From command prompt 
     23cd \\ProgramData\ProntoEdit\ProntoScripts 
     24svn co 
     27If you are inside a proxy server it is necessary to configure SVN to use this to gain access to the outside internet. Modify the ''servers'' file in ''%APPDATA%\Subversion'' directory. Place the necessary settings in the ''[global]'' section of this file, as per example below 
     31# http-proxy-exceptions = *, 
     32http-proxy-host = 
     33http-proxy-port = 3128 
     34# http-proxy-username = defaultusername 
     35# http-proxy-password = defaultpassword 
     36# http-compression = no 
     37# No http-timeout, so just use the builtin default. 
     40== Configuring Linn DS !ProntoScripts == 
     42Startup !ProntoEdit by double-clicking on the ''Linn-DS.xcf'' file in the !ProntoScripts directory. 
     44==== Network ==== 
     45 * In the ''Project Overview'' window, select ''System->System Properties'' 
     46 * Under the ''Network'' tab in the ''System Properties'' 
     47  * setup the !WiFi settings for your wireless network 
     48  * setup IP settings for your network (DHCP will usually suffice) 
     50==== DS Parameters ==== 
     51 * In the ''Project Overview'' window, select ''Linn DS->[PARAMETERS]'' 
     52 * In the ''Linn DS - [PARAMETERS]'' window, select the relevant fields in yellow individually 
     53 * Update values to those required using the ''Label'' tab in ''Panel Properties'' 
     55Save your changes (''File->Save''), but '''do NOT''' commit them. These are specific to your setup 
     57== Installing to Pronto == 
     59Ensure Pronto is connected via USB and select ''Download'' button on ''!ProntoEdit'' toolbar. Takes 5-10s to perform download. 
     61If download is successful, the ''Connecting...'' status message on the Pronto display (top left) will change to ''Home'' once the Pronto has connected to the !WiFi network. 
     63Linn DS control can then be selected using Pronto's on-screen icon