Kivor Graphic User Interface

This will allow you to setup and control a Kivor or Akurate Music Server

Originally designed to Run on Windows XP, but can be run on Windows Vista and Windows 7

Windows Vista installation

Overview: Due to many security issues with Windows Vista, the Kivor LINNTEK GUI application software requires some Windows software patches before this application can be run. These patches are not

Parts required: Windows VISTA Service Pack 1

Procedure: 1. If LINNTEK GUI software has been previously installed then delete this applications and .OPT file from the VISTA PC.

2. Run the Windows VISTA Service Pack1 on the PC.

3. Restart the PC.

4. Add the LINNTEK application (KivorGUI51.exe) to a user directory, (NOT the Program files directory)

5. Create a Shortcut on the desktop,

6. Run the KivorGUI51 shortcut to setup the connection settings

7. Exit and restart the KivorGUI51 and this application will now run with the previously saved settings.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 note

Due to Vista/Win?7 security it is advised that the LINNTEK software application is installed in a User folder, (point 4). Otherwise, this Vista security will not allow any file permissions to run the application properly

KivorGUI download here