KivorExport Installation

These instructions are intended for Windows based systems. For use on Linux or Mac based systems please refer to the source code section

The installation and operation of KivorExport involves the use of a Command Prompt where the user types commands at a prompt.

  • For XP this is available by entering cmd in the Start->Run prompt box and clicking OK.
  • For Vista this is selectable from the Start->All Programs->Accessories menu.



FLAC needs to be installed and added to the execution path

  • Download latest version from  SourceForge
  • Install the package (selecting default values for all options)
  • Add installed folder (usually C:\Program Files\FLAC to command execution path
    • Select Start->Control Panel->System
    • XP select Advanced tab
    • Vista select Advanced System Settings from left-side menu
    • Select Environment Variables
    • Select PATH in System variables and click Edit
    • Append ;<flac path> to Variable value
    • Click OK on all windows to apply the changes
  • Check flac installed correctly by opening a Command Prompt and typing flac followed by enter. Output should be similar to

VC8 Runtime

VC8 runtime may be required. Suggest attempt to execute utility, and ONLY if it fails then install this. Installation does not appear to be required on Vista


  • Download here
  • Extract the files to a suitable location where the KivorExport folder will be created - suggest C:\Program Files