KinskyPronto Integrator's Guide


KinskyPronto installs into default locations

  • 2 .xcf Pronto project files
  • 6 .xgf Pronto module files

The XCF files are example projects (one for each of 9400 and 9600/9800 Pronto models) showing

  • Listen to Music: Linn DS Playlist control
  • Listen to Radio: Linn DS Internet Radio control
  • Listen to LP12: Linn Preamp control
  • Watch TV: Integration of Linn Preamp and 3rd Party control (covered in the Developer's Guide)

The XGF files are the ProntoScript modules which are used to create the individual activites. 6 of these are proved (one for each of Ds/Radio?/preamp control on 9400 and 9600/9800). The configuration of these modules for integration into custom Pronto applications is covered below. This requires a working knowledge of the ProntoEdit Pro application (up to level 1 certification)


  • 9600 will be used to refer to both 9600 and 9800 Pronto devices from here on
  • If using PEP3, the installed files require to be moved from the PEP2 directories to their equivalent PEP3 directories

ProntoScript Modules

After installation, the Linn ProntoScript modules (XGF) are available for inclusion in projects from the ProntoScript Modules tab under Building Blocks in NewCategory.

The parameters are configured using the Advanced tab in the Home Page -> Page Properties screen. If the Advanced tab is not visible, it can be enabled by selecting Advanced View under Tools->Options->General Settings

Parameters which require setting are

  • DS IP Address: IP address of the DS to be controlled
  • Media Server IP Address: IP address of the media server (Twonky, Asset UPnP etc.)
  • Media Server IP Port: IP port number of the above media server.
  • Media Server URL: URL of the above media server's content directory
  • Preamp Type: Number to represent the type of preamp control used by the DS:
    • 0: No Preamp - no Linn volume control
    • 1: Internal preamp - DS-I or internal volume control
    • 2: External (RS-232) controlled preamp
  • Preamp module has additional [PARAMETERS] within the module itself to configure Source Name along with Input to select


  • IP address of DS avalable from Konfig
  • IP address, port and URL information above for media server available from Konfig as Control Key
  • Media server URL must have leading '/', but no trailing '/'

Ensure that the com.Philips.HttpLibrary PS Library is added to and enabled in the activity or display of artwork will not work