Kinsky Davaar Manual for PocketPC

Table Of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. System Requirements
  4. Operation
    1. Navigation
    2. Selecting a Room and Source
    3. Volume Control
    4. Playback Control
    5. Playing music from your library
    6. Playlist management
    7. Putting a room into standby
    8. Operation in a multi-room environment
  5. Troubleshooting


This manual assumes that you have intermediate computer and internet skills.

The  UPnP forum defined an Audio Visual specification,  UPnP AV, which defined the interaction between UPnP control points and UPnP devices. The UPnP AV architecture was designed to be independent of device type, content format and transfer protocol.

The Kinsky software suite is a range of UPnP control point implementations as defined in the UPnP AV specification. The UPnP page gives an overview of how a control point fits into the overall UPnP AV architecture.

A Kinsky control point coordinates the operation between Media Servers, Silver Disk Players and Media Renderers, in response to user interaction.


Pre Install Instructions

Download and install the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5 on your PDA from this  link. The download page contains step by step instructions. You only have to do this once. If you're updating KinskyPda from a previous version, go straight to the main installation instructions below.

Installation Instructions

There are two methods of installing Kinsky on your handheld device.

  • ActiveSync from your PC to your PDA
    1. If not done already, download and install  ActiveSync
    2. Download the Kinsky ActiveSync exe file to your PC
    3. Browse to the location of the previous step and double click on the exe
    4. Follow the onscreen instructions
  • Direct download to handheld (no PC required)
    1. Open Internet Explorer on you handheld device
    2. Navigate to this webpage and download the Kinsky CAB file to your device
    3. Follow the onscreen instructions

Upon a successful installation, you can access Kinsky by tapping Start->Programs->Kinsky.


To uninstall Kinsky from your device, tap Start->Settings->System->Remove Programs, select 'Linn Products Ltd Kinsky' and tap Remove.

System Requirements

Operating Systems

Windows Mobile 6 or Windows Mobile 5 with Microsoft .NET Compact Framework v3.5

Minimum System Requirements

System RAM: 64MB

Video Card: 320x240

Wireless: 802.11b

Recommended System Requirements

System RAM: 128MB

Video Card: 640x480

Wireless: 802.11g

For a list of devices that people have reported success with see KinskyPdaDevices.


There are three main views, Now Playing, Playlist, and Library.

To change to a different view tap the desired view in the menu bar.

On any of the three main views it is possible to bring up a context menu by pressing and holding on the touch screen. From the context menu it is possible to access extra options, (which are specific to the view you are on), as well as the room/source selection screen, the advanced options screen and exit the application.

Selecting a Room and Source

You can acess the room/source selection screen from any of the main views via the context menu.

Tap the room selection box at the top of the screen will expand the box to show a list of available rooms. Select the room you wish to control, by tap on the room name. Selecting the room automatically brings the room out of standby.

If a room has been selected the source list will show a list of available sources in the room. To select a source, double tap on the source; the currently selected source indicator will move to the newly selected source.

Volume Control

If the currently select room has a preamp that is able to be controlled by Kinsky, then the volume up, volume down buttons and current volume will be visible on the Now Playing and Playlist screens.

To control the volume tap the volume up and down buttons. The current volume text will update to indicate the new volume. The default volume step size can be changed in the options page. The default value is 3.

To mute your preamp you will need to bring up the context menu whilst in either the Now Playing or the Playlist screen.

Playback Control

Use the playback controls to perform playback tasks on the currently selected source, such as play/pause, previous track, and next track.

To stop the current track you will need to bring up the context menu whilst in either the Now Playing or the Playlist screen.

Playing music from your library

A Linn DS can play music from any computer or Network Addressed Storage (NAS) device on your home network where you have a UPnP media server running. A UPnP media server indexes your digital music collection and provides a mechanism for Kinsky to browse your music collection. As you add new tracks to the indexed music folders, the media server will update the list of available tracks.

If you are browsing the media server during an update, Kinsky will move your current browsing location to the top level.

When you make music selections, they are added to the list of tracks on the currently selected DS, this list of tracks is known as the playlist. In the Playlist screen a play indicator, (to the left of the track), indicates the currently playing track. When you add music selections to the playlist you can add them to the end of the playlist (Insert) or add them to the end of the playlist and start playing (Insert and play).

Making a music selection

To browse your library, first select the Library screen (via the menu bar). Double tap containers to show their contents (tap the back button to go back up a level).

To make a music selection from your library, highlight the item (if it is a valid item to add to the playlist the 'Insert' and 'Insert and play' buttons will enable), then tap the desired action to add the highlighted item to the playlist. Items are always added to the end of the playlist.

To the left of each item is an icon depicting the type of item it represents.

Playlist management

Deleting the playlist

From either the Now Playing or the Playlist views, click and hold to bring up the context menu.

From the context menu select the 'Delete All' action.

Deleting a track

From the Playlist view, click and hold, on the track to be deleted, to bring up the context menu.

From the context menu select the 'Delete Track' action.

Putting a room into standby

To put a room into standby, first select the room and then tap the standby button. When the room selection box shows 'No room selected' the room has been put into standby.

Operation in a multi-room environment

Kinsky can be run in three modes of operation, configurable through the advanced options dialog. The advanced options dialog is accessable through the context menu on any of the three main views.

Single DS Mode

This is the default mode of operation.

In this mode of operation Kinsky automatically connects to the first preamp, source and library that it discovers on the home network.

Multi DS Mode

There are two use cases for Kinsky in a multi DS environment,

  1. There is a PDA in each room requiring control
  2. The PDA roams across multiple rooms

The first use case is configured by selecting 'Single room' and selecting the room the PDA should automatically subscribe to, leaving source and library as 'Default'. In this mode Kinsky will automatically connect to named room and the first library discovered on the home network.

The second use case is configured by selecting 'Multi room', leaving library as 'Default'. In this mode Kinsky will only automatically connect to the first library discovered on the home network, leaving the room selection to be manually selected by the user.

Multiple Libraries

If you set the library then Kinsky will automatically select the named library.


When I launch Kinsky I get the error message "The application (KinskyPda.exe) requires a newer version of the Microsoft(r) .NET Compact Framework than the version installed on this device"

If you receive this error message it means that your PDA does not have the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework v3.5 installed.

To fix the problem download and install v3.5 of the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework, you can download it from  here, (you need to run the installer from a PC, which has your PDA docked and connected via ActiveSync).

When I launch Kinsky it doesn't completely fill the screen; I still see the Windows Start button and taskbar.

Open Internet Explorer and put it into and back out of fullscreen mode. Internet Explorer's fullscreen option can be found by bringing up Internet Explorer's context menu.