Music at your finger tips

KinskyPda is an open source UPnP control point designed for use on a PDA.

  • Queue music from your Media Servers to any Media Renderer in your home
  • Supports "Now Playing" cover art
  • Supports browsing your music by cover art
  • Supports UPnP AV V1.0 Media Servers
  • Supports UPnP AV V1.0 Media Renderers
  • Supports Linn DS products ( Klimax DS,  Akurate DS,  Majik DS,  Sneaky Music DS)
  • Standard transport controls (Play, Pause, Skip Forward, Skip Back)
  • Standard preamp controls (Volume, Mute, Linn Source Selection)
  • Playlist control
  • Runs on Windows Mobile 6 (using .NET Compact 3.5)
  • Written in C#
  • Licensed under the terms of the New BSD License

Check out the screenshots


  • In the "Now Playing" screen, click and hold to bring up a context menu with extra options
  • KinskyPda Manual

Beta Testing

Now that KinskyPda is feature complete we would like to invite end users to particpate in our Beta testing program. This will allow us to get feedback on how KinskyPda operates in a variety of WiFi environments and system configurations.

As a beta tester we would like you to give us feedback on your experience of KinskyPda, from ease of installation, to configuration and general use in your home audio system.

We would also like you to report any new defects you experience into our track database.

Known Issues


A complete list of the currently known issues can be viewed here.

Release history