I have a Microsoft mouse and when I interact with KinskyDesktop it appears to 'freezes' for long periods

This is an issue with the IntelliPoint drivers supplied with newer Microsoft mice and the .NET framework.

To fix the problem you need to un-assign the 'Instant Viewer' action from whatever mouse button it is assigned to (typically the middle mouse button).

Kinsky Desktop Freezes

If you experience a "freeze" in KinskyDesktop, whereby the user interface becomes unresponsive, you can create a memory dump and contact one of the Linn developers on the development forum so that we can arrange transfer of the memory dump file and diagnose the issue.

Below are some instructions for creating a dump file:

Windows 7/Vista

Open task manager (right click the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, select Task Manager). Go to the processes tab and find the process called KinskyDesktop.exe. If there are more than one, close down the others so that you can see which is the frozen one. Right click the process and select Create Dump File, then wait a few seconds for the file to be created. It doesn't give you the option to pick a filename, but it does tell you where it put the file so you can retrieve it and send it to us.

Windows XP

First download ProcessExplorer? from Microsoft ( ), unzip and run procexp.exe. It will then give you a list of all the processes running on your machine, in a view similar to task manager. Right click KinskyDesktop.exe in the list (if there are more than one, close down the others so you can tell which is the unresponsive one) and then Choose Create Dump -> Create Full Dump from the context menu which appears. Pick a filename and then give it a few seconds to save the file, which you can then send to us.