Music at your finger tips

Kinsky is an open source UPnP control point designed for use on a Touchscreen PC.

  • Queue music from your Media Servers to any Media Renderer in your home
  • Supports UPnP AV V1.0 Media Servers
  • Supports UPnP AV V1.0 Media Renderers
  • Supports Linn DS products ( Klimax DS,  Akurate DS,  Majik DS,  Sneaky Music DS)
  • Browse your home room by room
    • Supports Sonos  ZonePlayers and  ZoneBridges by setting their Zone
    • Supports UPnP AV V1.0 Media Renderers by setting their "Friendly Name"
  • Standard transport controls (Play, Pause, Stop, Skip Forward, Skip Back)
  • Standard preamp controls (Volume, Mute, Linn Source Selection)
  • Fully skinnable
  • Playlist control
  • Runs on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X (using Mono or .NET 2.0)
  • Written in C#
  • Licensed under the terms of the New BSD License

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