SkweezyDs Python Versions (legacy)

Download and Installation


  • Server running SqueezeCenter
  • Python interpreter (Ver 2.4 or higher)
    • Normally pre-installed on Linux and Mac OS/X
    • Installer for Windows available  here
      • And python win32 extensions  here
  • Access to SqueezeCenter server machine to install SkweezyDs (may be an issue on some NAS devices)


  • Download file from selection at bottom of this page (choose most rcent)
  • Unpack ZIP file to suitable location on SqueezeCenter server
  • Edit Skweezy.ini in root folder of unpacked archive to update
    • SqueezeCenter CLI port (default is 9090)
    • Squeezebox MAC address (from label on device)
    • DS UPnP friendly name (of form Main Room:Majik DS)
    • Ethernet adapter to use (if multiple adapters on server)
  • Ensure SqueezeCenter is running and execute Skweezy DS
    • From terminal window / command prompt
      • Change to directory containg SkweezyDs and the ini file
      • Execute python SkweezyDs
    • Can also be started form Windows Explorer/Mac? Finder in normal manner, but error messages will be lost if program exits
  • To exit use Ctrl-C

Change Log


  • Features
    • Supports re-ordering of tracks within playlist


  • Bug Fixes
    • Sort processor hogging loop in logger


  • Features
    • Migrated DS control and eventing from UPnP to LPEC
    • SSDP discovery of DS device
    • Optimise repeat/shuffle reloads
    • Various improvements to error condition handling (device/network issues)
  • Bug Fixes
    • '&' in URI crashing on re-shuffle
    • Better recovery for DS after network loss
    • Newsong ignored after skipping tracks whilst adding large playlists
    • Crash on Ctrl-C if SB switched off
    • SB event listener disabled when DS offline
    • Handling of various internet radio error conditions
    • Resync causing crash when deleting current track
    • Recovery after DS byebye
    • Volume resync on exit from standby
    • Crash on internet radiometadata update


  • Features
    • Gapless playback supported
    • Full synchronisation between SB and DS
    • Wait for squeezecenter and squeezebox on startup/restart. No longer required to startup SC or have SB connected before starting Skweezy
    • Support volume control on RS232 connected Linn pre-amps
    • Internet radio metadata now displayed correctly on DS
  • Bug Fixes
    • Incorrect display of metadata if '&' character in string
    • UNC path support for audio files on Windows
    • Race condition when rapidly seeking through tracks
    • Playlist delete faulty for multiple deletes
    • Resource leak after repeated searches for DS


  • Fixed ZIP file extraction paths


  • First OSS release