How do I get started?

Get the source? Check out the documentation on build instructions.

Graphic designer? Check out the documentation on skinning Kinsky.

Programmer? Check out the documentation on UPnP development.

Open Audio Toys

Here are the projects we are playing with now...

  •  Silverlight UPnP control-point implementation
  • UPnP control-point integration into  Songbird,  WinAmp, Window Media Player or your favorite desktop media manager
  • Browser integration with  Subsonic or your favorite web-based music application
  • Innovative desktop integration
  • LinnGUI for Mac
  • FLAC support for Windows Media Connect
  • Innovative interaction models for playlist management and multi-room support
  • LinnGUI for Windows Mobile
  • LinnGUI for  Maemo and the N800
  • UPnP AV alarm clock, House Audio Sequencer, and Auto DJ
  • IP Intercom
  • Voice controlled music selection

Interested in our developer programme... or have a project proposal?

Mail us... developer.programme at