There are many ways to contribute to the various Linn OSS projects.

Ways to contribute

  • Code development
  • Skin development
  • Documentation
  • Bug reporting

Code Development

The code base is written in C#.

The code base is split between the UPnP library (LibUpnpCil) and various control point applications that use the library, e.g. Kinsky, Sneaky

Feel free to contribute to either the current projects, by submitting patches, or come up with a new project.

Start by reading the developer documentation.

Skin Development

Graphic design more your thing? Then perhaps you would like to contribute by creating a new skin for Kinsky, giving end users a choice of skin to use.

Start by reading the skinning documentation.

Document Development

Help to write How-tos and documentation for the various projects, e.g. contributing to manuals or documenting the APIs and architecture of the various components used in LibUpnpCil.

Bug Reporting

Help us improve the reliability and stability of our software by reporting any defects you find, (you will need to login with your OpenID, you can obtain one from  here).

Contributors who provide high quality patches ‘may’ get offered the chance to become official developers.